Thank you for your interest in our services for your Nakamichi.

We are the premier servicing and restoration facility for Nakamichi cassette decks in the world. As you likely already know, Nakamichi decks are the best ever made, they are both mechanically and sonically superior to any other decks. Therefore, they require a Nakamichi trained expert to perform the proper service. Your deck might only require basic maintenance, but due to it's age, extended use or lack of adequate prior servicing, it may require repairs, up-grade modifications or a complete restoration. Our basic charge for testing and diagnostics is $75.

Our Estimate Policy:

Because of its age and the unknown quality of any previous service, we would have to examine and test your deck to evaluate it's electrical and or mechanical condition. We will then provide you with a written estimate for the cost of any service that will exceed $200. Under $200, we would just complete the service. The cost to fix a specific failure can't be fairly estimated without examining the deck, though it may be minimal. The cost to perform a total comprehensive overhaul depends on the condition of the deck. You can choose the level of service that you prefer. If the estimate is declined, then a $75 testing and diagnostic fee applies. Shipping expenses are additional.

Note that many of the replacement parts are no longer available from Nakamichi, but we still have a limited supply with plenty of expertise to perform all necessary services.

You might be interested in calculating the cost to purchase this cassette deck if it were sold today. Go to this U.S. Government web site, and plug in the year and cost when it was purchased. Then click on the calculate button.