PRIOR to packing your unit for shipment, please E-MAIL a request to obtain a RA#.  Display the provided RA# on or near the shipping label.  Please insure it against loss or damage for it's replacement value.  YOUR name and ADDRESS MUST be on the outside of the box.

Remove any rack handles and pack them separately from the unit within the same box because when the box is dropped, the trauma could cause them to cut through the packing materials reducing it's protection.
If it's a cassette deck, to prevent the cassette door from opening or falling off during shipping, place the unit in a plastic bag, then tightly wrap a band of tape completely around the girth of the unit, so as to create pressure on the door.

The original Nakamichi box and packing material may not be good enough to protect your machine.  Due to it's age, the nylon molded parts become brittle requiring extra packing protection to prevent internal trauma damage.  We recommend that you place the original box into another that is at least 2 inches larger on all 6 sides.  Use paper balls or some other packing material between the two boxes as a shock absorber.

If you don't have the original Nakamichi box and packing material, then using the LARGE bubble plastic wrap material as a shock absorber, tightly wrap MANY layers that are at least 6 INCHES DEEP from all 6 surfaces and tape the plastic wrap so it doesn't fall off.  Then fit it SNUG in a STRONG box using extra packing material, if necessary.  DO NOT use air bag cushioning or foam peanuts.  The unit must be positioned in the center of the box and be able to withstand a 10 FOOT drop on it's corner, edge or surface!  If you are not doing the packing yourself, observe and instruct the packer to the exact procedure because it's the shipping company's policy to refuse to pay a damage claim if the unit doesn't meet their packing standards.  Therefore, over-pack because many specialized replacement parts are no longer available.

Insure it against loss or damage for the replacement value. YOUR name, return address and phone number MUST be on the outside of the box or we can't accept the shipment.

In The Box:
Enclose a copy of the completed Return Authorization Form.  If it's a cassette deck, include a blank sample of each tape type that you will be using for recording.

On The Box:
YOUR name, return address and phone number MUST be on the outside of the box. Display the provided RA# on or near the shipping label. The box will not be accepted and returned if this information is not clearly marked on the box.