We service all of the old classic Nakamichi's. Amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, receivers and cassette decks.

We specialize in repairing, aligning and restoreing the cassette decks to perfect operating condition. Our service is tailored to produce the highest level of performance and reliability from your machine. Our service capabilities significantly exceed those of standard repair facilities. When I worked for Nakamichi as a sub-contractor, I developed performance and reliability modifications, as well as service techniques, unique to Nakamichi decks. I received training from Nakamichi's Japanese technicians and in turn provided training to other servicers of Nakamichi equipment including U.S. Government technicians from Washington, D.C. After restoration, your deck will be as good as, or better than when it left the factory.

Restoration Procedures for the Cassette Decks:

Included in a complete overhaul restoration are a thorough cleaning, demagnetizing, relubrication and much more. We clean and relubricate the controls, switches and plug-in contacts. The heads, axles, shafts and bronze bearings may be relapped, polished, resurfaced or replaced along with other worn, defective and known to fail parts. Only original replacement parts or improved versions are installed including washers, springs, bushings, lamps and other parts not likely stocked by anyone else. Many of these routinely installed parts are often not listed on the service invoice. We custom design modifications for each channel's record and playback equalization circuits, as necessary, to adhere to the exact pre-emphasis and de-emphasis frequency response standards, as specified by Nakamichi, to obtain optimum performance and compatibility between other Nakamichi cassette decks. To ensure peak performance with continued reliability, we systematically perform a critical precision alignment of the transport mechanics and electronics so as to meet or exceed the Nakamichi factory specifications.

We use all the unique Nakamichi supplied test tapes, gauges, tools, test fixtures and their manufactured test equipment in addition to other test equipment such as an "Audio Precision" full bandwidth distortion and spectrum analyzer to perform our services.